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Chrome, 36" W x 72" L
Product Code: EA-3672C
List Price: $216.00
Price: $133.00
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Wire Shelf  - Chrome - 36"W x 72"L - EA-3672C

The open wire construction promotes higher visibility and permits greater air circulation, which reduces dust and contamination build-up.  The design makes shelves up to 25% stronger.  Numerous sizes and combinations are available.  Accessories available include dividers, ledges, shelf markers, enclosure panels and more.  There is an 800 lb (363 kg) weight capacity for shelves up to 48" long, with an evenly distributed static load.  A 600 lb (272 kd) weight capacity for shleves 54" through 72".  Shelving units should not exceed 2400 lbs (1089 kg) per set of four posts. 

Numerically calibrated grooved posts, tapered plastic split sleeves and shelf collars combine to make shelving assembly a simple two step process.

• Snap the split sleeves onto the post over the number of your choice.  Posts are numbered in 1" increments to ensure fast and level assembly.
• Slide the shelf collars over the split sleeves.  A positive lock between shelf and post is created without the use of any tools.
• Tapered split sleeves of high-temperature-resistant ABS plastic create a positive lock that becomes stronger as the load increases.  The plastic split sleeves are also       available in conductive plastic and aluminum for ESD grounded racks.
• Leveling feet are provided to help compensate for uneven floor surfaces
• Available in two finishes: Chrome, or Stainless Steel

EA-3672C, Wire Shelf, 36"W x 72"L, Chrome Finish.          

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