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Veltek SMA MicroPortable, Light Weight, 1 & 5 CFM, Delrin Top & Bottom
Product Code: VA-SMA-P191-03
List Price: $13,087.80
Price: $11,898.00
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Viable Air Sampler - Veltek SMA MicroPortable™ - Light Weight - 1 & 5 CFM - Delrin Top & Bottom - VA-SMA-P191-03

The viable air sampler is battery powered, compact, and lightweight which allows them to be easily moved to desired air sampling points.  They combine the extended sampling capability of the SMA Atrium with calibrated air flow and a digital readout that is factory programmed in CFM or LPM.

SMA MicroPortable air samplers incorporate the same multi-orifice sampling methods as the standard SMA Atrium which allows continuous viable air sampling.  Furthermore, they allow you to program, same, recall, and view two sample volume amounts and view air flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per minute (LPM).

• Program, save, recall and view two sample volume amounts
• Start and cancel a sample cycle
• Provide visual notification
   - When the sample cycle is in progress
   - Which preset sample volume is selected
   - Which air flow velocity is selected, 1 CFM or 5 CFM
   - When the battery requires recharging
• Provide audible and visual alarms when the sample cycle is complete

• Designed of 316L mirror-finished Stainless Steel
• Can be disinfected using select Veltek products
• SMA Atrium can be completely sterilized by steam, heat or ethylene oxide (EO)
• Battery powered and can operate for 8 hours before requiring a 45 minute recharge
• Can operate while recharging
• Meet North American (ETL) and European Community (CE) safety standards
• Includes a battery, battery charger, cover, SMA Atrium (1/4" 25mL) and lid
• Size: 10"H x6"W

VA-SMA-P191-03  SMA Microportable Viable Air Sampler, Light Weight Version,  Delrin Top and Bottom, 1 & 5 CFM Selectable Flow Rates

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