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Eagle, No Drain Boards, Type 304 Stainless Steel, 24"Lx18"W, EA-314-18-3
Product Code: EA-314-18-3
List Price: $4,816.00
Price: $2,964.00
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Three Compartment Sink - Eagle - No Drain Boards - Stainless Steel - Multiple Sizes

The Three Compartment Sinks are deep drawn seamless coved corner sink bowls and all units have a generous radius and are rectangular for maximum capacity.  The Series 314 is a heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel construction.  14" deep sink bowls.  44 1/2" overall height.  Standard unit has galvanized legs.

OPTIONAL: Stainless steel legs with front to back crossbracing available. (does not include stainless steel feet)  "SL" added to part number.  Call for the price 

Add stainless steel legs and gussets add "SLG" to part number.  Call for the price

Add left-to-right crossbracing add "CBS".  Call for the price 

OPTIONAL:  Drain Boards - Left Side, Right Side or Both Sides

Eagle Three Compartment Sink - No Drain Boards - Type 304 Stainless Steel 
EA-314-16-3     Bowl Size: 20"Wx16"L     Overall Size: 27 1/2"W x 58 3/4"L
EA-314-18-3                         24"Wx18"L                             31 3/4"W x 65 1/2"L
EA-314-22-3                         22"Wx22"L                             29 3/4"W x 77 1/2"L
EA-314-24-3                         24"Wx24"L                             31 3/4"W x 83 1/2"L