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Gun & Hose Assembly, 1/2" FNPT Inlet Thread, 3/8" OD FEP Coiled Tubing TA-RC-106
Product Code: TA-RC-106
List Price: $555.42
Price: $555.42
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Recirculating Spray Gun -  Gun & Hose Assembly - 1/2" FNPT Inlet Thread - 3/8" OD FEP Coiled Tubing   TA-RC-106

The recirculating spray gun has a fluid path free of all undesirables such as o-rings, o-ring lubricants, metal springs or porous materials. The DI gun itself and all component parts coming into contact with the fluid are fabricated from high density TFE PTFE for total purity. There are no materials or objects in the fluid path to allow contamination.  There is true recirculation when DI water enters the Recirc it travels up the “pressure” orifice into the point-of-use spray head chamber. Upon arrival and if the recirc is not in use Dl water will travel back down the parallel “recirculation” orifice and eventually discharge to users Dl recovery or drain.  By travelling this path bacterial growth is virtually eliminated as true recirculation exists.

• Maximum operating pressure:  75 psi
• Media temperature range:  40ºF - 130°F
• Hand held
• PTFE and polyurethane
• PTFE fluid path
• Size: 2.5"W x 3.9"H

TA-RC-106   Recirculating Spray Gun  1/2" FNPT Inlet Thread, 3/8" OD FEP Coiled Tubing with PTFE fittings and PTFE recirculating tube

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