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Hypo-Chlor 0.52%, Saturated Sodium Hypochlorite, Sterile, VA-VEL9-12x12-S-3018
Product Code: VA-VEL9-12x12-S-3018
List Price: $585.00
Price: $529.00
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Sterile Wipes - Hypo Chlor -  Saturated Sodium Hypochlorite - Sterile VA-VEL9-12x12-S-3018
Sterile wipe Hypo-Chlor Wipe 0.25% or 0.52% are superior saturated sodium hypochlorite wipes used for both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, stainless steel surfaces, lexan, polycarbonate, glass and any critical surface requiring to be cleaned. The unique and patented Asepti-Fill system assures sterility of the wipes contained.  Hypo-Chlor wipe is the first sterile sodium hypochlorite wipe in the marketplace.  

The use of Hypo-Chlor Wipes is normally for intricate, or sensitive locations where a spray down that would create an overage of residue that is not cleaned.  Hypo-Chlor Wipes answer these difficult decontamination situations.
•  Available in the Quadruple bagged ABCD Clean Room Introduction System
• Eliminates the use of a non-sterile, non-filtered sodium hupochlorite wipe in operations
• Enables the reduction of spraying of sodium hypochlorite on sensitive machinery
• Ideal for product spills
•  Class 10 Cleanliness
• Ultra Absorbent Wipe Material
• Class 10 Laundered
• Available in 0.25%, 0.52%
• Completely tested according to current USP comperdium
• Delivered with lot specific Cerificate of Analysis and Certicate of Sterility
• Completely traceable
• Completely validated for sterility and shelf life
• Dried with ULPA filtered class 1 air stream
• Laundered with DI water
• Focus edge cutting technology
• 12x12 size
• 20 wipes/pack folded for easy removal
• Re-sealable package

VA-VEL9-12x12-3021         Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe Non Sterile  200/case
VA-VEL9-12x12-S-3020      Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe Sterile  200/case
VA-VEL9-12x12-3019         Hypo-Chlor 0.52% Wipe Non-Sterile  200/case
VA-VEL9-12x12-S-3018      Hypo-Chlor 0.52% Wipe Sterile   200/case

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