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USP WFI Water, Filtered at 0.2 Microns, Aerosol, 11oz, VA-VAI-WFI-SP-11Z
Product Code: VA-VAI-WFI-SP-11Z
List Price: $452.10
Price: $411.00
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Sterile Water - USP WFI Water - Filtered at 0.2 Microns - Aerosol - 11oz  VA-VAI-WFI-SP-11Z

Sterile water is a high quality water produced from a validated 6 effect distilled WFI water system that is routinely monitored and passes all of the USP requirements for the monograph for "Water for Injection".  Water is bulk manufactured high quality grade of water for use during disinfectant preparation.   Not for human or animal injection, diagnostic or therapeutic use.

  • • Filtered at 0.2 Microns
  • • Double-bagged packaged
  • • Gamma irradiated
  • • Manufactured in a GMP, Class 100 (ISO 5, Grade A) area
  • • An excellent choice for dilution of disinfectant concentrates to a use-dilution mixture
  • • Tested for assay, sterility and endotoxin levels
  • • Completely tested according to current USP compendium
  • • Delivered with lot specific Certificate of Irradiation, Certificate of Analysis, LAL Testing Analysis and Sterility Report
  • • Completely traceable
  • • Completely validated for sterility and shelf life

  • • For disinfectant preparation and dilution
  • • Not for parenteral administration

VA-VAI-WFI-SP-11Z  VAI USP WFI Quality Water  11oz Aerosol  Sterile  24/case
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