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Eagle Table, Upturn Stainless Top, Open Front Base, 24"Wx84"L, EA-UOB2484SE
Product Code: EA-UOB2484SE
List Price: $3,170.00
Price: $1,951.00
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Stainless Steel Table w/Storage - Eagle Table, Upturn Stainless Top, Open Front Base

Eagle Enclosed Worktables is made of 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel, sides and back are heavy gauge stainless steel. (Open Front, Stainless Steel Sliding Doors or Stainless Steel Hinged Door) models with 1½" rolled edge on front, sides turned down, and rear turned up 1½".  Constructed with Uni-Lok patented gusset system, with the gussets recessed into the hat channels to reduce lateral movement.  1 5/8" O.D. stainless steel tubular legs with adjustable bullet feet.

•  All welded design
•  Available with open front, sliding doors, or hinged doors
•  Doors are 20 gauge type 430 stainless steel
•  Top mechanically polished to satin finish
•  Sound-deadened between top and frame
•  1 5/8" (42mm) diameter type 304 stainless legs
•  1" (25mm) stainless steel adjustable bullet feet
•  1½" (38mm) sanitary rolled rim on front 
•  1½" upturn on rear
•  Square edge on ends for flush fit
•  Optional fixed center shelf available.  To order, add suffix "-CS" to model number

HEIGHT: 34 1/8" (876mm) - adjustable foot
Cabinet off the floor 7" (178mm)

•  Center shelf                                             
•  Lock (for units with doors)
•  Casters*
•  Overshelf

* To order table with 4" (102mm) diameter casters, add suffix "-CA" to part number.
To order table with 5" (127mm) diameter casters, add suffix "-CAH" to part number

EA-UOB2436SE   Eagle Table with Lower Storage Cabinet- Stainless Steel Brushed Solid Top with Rear Upturn, Stainless Steel Open Base   14 gauge type 304 stainless   24"x 36"x 34"H 
EA-UOB2436SE   24"x 36"x 34"H
EA-UOB2448SE   24"x 48"x 34"H
EA-UOB2460SE   24"x 60"x 34"H
EA-UOB2472SE   24"x 72"x 34"H
EA-UOB2484SE   24"x 84"x 34"H
EA-UOB2496SE   24"x 96"x 34"H
EA-UOB24120SE 24"x 120"x34"H
EA-UOB3036SE   30"x 36"x 34"H
EA-UOB3048SE   30"x 48"x 34"H
EA-UOB3060SE   30"x 60"x 34"H
EA-UOB3072SE   30"x 72"x 34"H
EA-UOB3084SE   30"x 84"x 34"H
EA-UOB3096SE   30"x 96"x 34"H
EA-UOB30120SE 30"x 120"x 34"H