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Gowning Racks | Electropolished | 15 Slots | 24” x 48” x75”
Gowning Racks | Electropolished | 15 Slots | 24” x 48” x75”

Removable Hangers, 24"Wx48"Lx75"H, EA-S2448-SGRR
Product Code: EA-EP2448-SGRR
List Price: $2,680.00
Price: $1,649.00
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Gowning Racks - Electropolished - 15 Hanger Slots - Removable Hangers - 24"W x 48"L x 75"H - EA-EP2448-SGRR

Our electropolished gowning racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in the cleanroom.  The stainless steel construction offers a non-contaminating surface that eliminates particle shedding.  The electropolished models feature electrochemically passivated surfaces for the most demanding requirements.  Gowning racks are 75" high.  Hanger slots are standard 3" centers.  Prices do not include hangers. 

•  All units feature wire shelf with patented QuadTruss® construction
•  Top mat assembly constructed of 10 gauge mat wires welded to full length 6 gauge inside support wires and serpentine trusses
•  At front and rear of shelf, mat wires are welded to a four wire truss assembly constructed of a 2 gauge bottom wire, a 6 gauge serpentine truss wire which creates a bridge like reinforcement, and two 6 gauge top wires - one directly below mat and one directly above, providing a pincer hold on mat wires
•  Posts are 1" (25mm) diameter, grooved on 1" (25mm) increments, and provided with leveling feet. Optional foot plates available to affix gowning rack to the floor

•  1" (25mm) diameter full length hanger tube, grooved at 1" (25mm) increments
•  Hanger tube suspended on underside of wire shelf via two 2 gauge hooks, one on each end
•  1" (25mm) square H-frame along the bottom
•  Finshes available are chrome and stainless steel finish
•  Hangers sold separately - not included in price of gowning rack

•  Stainless Steel or Electropolished   
•  Removable hanger or Non-Removable hangers

Product Code: EA-EP2448-SGRR     Gowning Racks, Electropolished, Removable Hangers, 15 hanger Slots, 24"W x 48"L x 75"H.

Product Codes for Difierent Sizes of Gowning Racks
EA-EP2448-SGRR     24"x 48"x 75"H   15 Slots   
EA-EP2460-SGRR     24"x 60"x 75"H   19 Slots
EA-EP2472-SGRR     24"x 72"x 75"H   23 Slots
EA-EP2484-SGRR     24"x 84"x 75"H   27 Slots

For more options, visit our main Gowning Racks & Hooks section.   
To order gowning racks online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email  
Shipping Instructions:  These gowning racks will ship UPS or Fedex. Gowning racks weights:  48"= 40 lbs, 60" = 45 lbs, 72" = 50 lbs, 84" = 55 lbs. The order can ship collect or prepay and add to the invoice.  Customer is responsible for the freight charges.  
In addition to stainless steel gowning racks, we also offer a variety of other gowning room furniture, including: gowning benches, motorized shoe cleanersacrylic dispensers, and cleanroom storage cabinets.

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