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Dehumidifier, low humidity, open loop, dual column, ET-5478
Product Code: ET-5478
List Price: $1,050.00
Price: $1,050.00
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Self Regenerating Dehumidification System - For use with House air 50-100psi - ET-5478

The Model 5478 chamber/dry box dehumidification system provides low humidity levels to chambers, glove boxes and dry boxes.  The systems is an open loop consisting of a dual column regenerative desiccant dryer operating from house ar at 50-100 psi.  A timing circuit alternately directs the pressurized air through one desiccant column sending most of the dry air to the chamber and the remaining portion to the other column to dry the desiccant.  This alternating action provides a continous supply of dry air.  The Model 5478 is capable of maintaining less than 10% R.H. in a 13 cu. ft. chamber.  Designed for use with ETS 5000 series controllers and chambers, the Model 5478 may also be used with other sealed environments.  A pump can also be added to allow the system to operate as a free standing system.

ET-5478, Self Regenerating Dehumidification System, Use with House air 50-100psi

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