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Nomex Beard Cover, Fire Resistant, Cleanroom, ESD HT-H2786-N487
Product Code: HT-H2786-N487
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Price: $24.60
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Nomex Suit - Nomex Beard Cover - Fire Resistant - Cleanroom - ESD  HT-2786-N487

Nomex® suit fibers and fabrics are similar to nylon and designed for use in a cleanroom.   Fabrics woven of Nomex® fibers are used in applications requiring good textile properties, good dimensional stability and excellent heat resistance.   They are used in coated industrial fabrics, aerospace fabrics,  and protective clothing. The Nomex® fabrics have good resistance to many chemicals and are highly resistant to most hydrocarbons and many other organic solvents.   Their acid resistance is superior to woven nylon fabrics.   Fabrics woven of Nomex© fibers exhibit good resistance to alkalis at room temperature, but degrade at high temperature.

Nomex® fabrics have a low level of flammability and do not melt or flow at high temperatures.   Above 700E°F (370E°C), they will degrade rapidly to a friable char.   At the point at which woven nylon fabrics melt (489E°F, 254E°C), fabrics woven of Nomex® fiber retain about 60% of their original strength.  The flammability characteristsics of fabrics woven of Nomex® fibers do not change with laundering.

Compared to woven nylon fabrics, fabrics woven of Nomex® fiber exhibit a higher resistance to beta and gamma radiation, to X-Rays, and to water or steam at high temperatures.   Therefore, Nomex is an excellent candidate for protective industrial apparel, aerospace fabrics, and material requiring radiation resistance.

Fabric Number:  HT487
Weave: Plain
Weight: 3.9 oz/sq yard
Thickness:  0.0116 inches
Air Permeability: 25.9 cfm
Warp Tensile Strength; 172 lbs
Filling Tensile Strength: 165 lbs
Warp Thread Count: 66 per inch
Filling Thread Count: 63 per inch

*  660°F (350°C) char point
*  Does not melt
*  Limited dyeability
*  Moderately Acid & Alkali resistant

HT-H2786-N487  Nomex Beard Cover  HT487 Natural  Multifilament Nomex Thread

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