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Product Code: ET-532
List Price: $11,295.00
Price: $11,295.00
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The Humidity and Temperature Controlled Chambers are ideal for weighing, storage, testing and fabrication of materials in pharmaceutical, air quality control, electronic, electrostatic (ESD), aerospace and other industries
MODEL 532 - MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER is ideal for precision weighting, fabrication and testing of material and components in electronic, pharmaceutical, military, air quality control and many other industries. The Model 532 is a completely integrated, microprocessor controlled system designed to control humidity from 7-98% R.H. with an accuracy of ± 2% at 72° F (22° C) and temperature from 32-122° F (0-50° C) with an accuracy of ± 1° C. The chamber includes the Model 571-532 Desiccant/Pump Dehumidification System, Model 572 Ultrasonic Humidification System (Please specify Tank or Tap Water version), Model 563 CO2 Cooling System** and a 500 Watt Heater. The Model 532 also includes Lighting, GFIC AC Outlet, Circulating Fan with Variable Speed Adjust, Rack Mount Controls, Humidity & Temperature Signal Outputs and two doors. A large door is located on the left-hand side of the chamber allowing access for test equipment or large items. A smaller sample door is located within the larger door Options are available to further upgrade the system.
Model 565           Dry Gas Dehumidification System                   $ 195.00
Model 566           Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System                       1395.00
Model 573-532    Thermoelectric Cooling System (800 Btu/hr)     2495.00
Model 578P        Self Regenerating Dehumidification System with Pump    1695.00
Model 578H        Self Regenerating Dehumidification System for use with   1495.00
                           House Air
Model 572           Humidification System (115VAC) Includes 5 Gallon Tank    1195.00
Model 532-6168   Computer Interface, Software and Cables    695.00
Model 501-532     Pass Through Air Lock/Antechamber   1495.00
P/N:500-6461       Iris Ports (Used in place of Gloves)   485.00
P/N:500-6462       Extra Pair of Accordion Sleeves & Gloves    195.00
P/N: 500-6463      Extra Set of Replacement Hands     25.00
P/N:500-6467       5 lb Jar of Renewable Desiccant     95.00
P/N:500-6465       Cart with Castors & Shelf  (54"x27")    595.00
P/N:500-6466       Air Ionizer with Footswitch       595.00
P/N:500-6478       Sample Rack with 7-6"x4" Perforated Shelves   95.00
ET-532   Microprocessor Controlled Environment Chamber - 13 Cubic Feet
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