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Nilfisk, Cleanroom, Stainless Steel NI-M90049
Product Code: NI-M90049
List Price: $6,272.88
Price: $6,272.88
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Mercury Vacuum  - Nilfisk - Cleanroom -  Stainless Steel  NI-M90049 

Mercury vacuum by Nilfisk is stainless steel which recovers liquid mercury spills and granular mercury compounds effectively, while adsorbing mercury vapors in the process.  The 31lb. special carbon charge, in a handy cartridge, typically has a 5-year service life before requiring replacement.

*  Positive twist safety latches offer added security
*  Rear castor supplied with brake to prevent machine movement while stationary on slope
*  Impregnated carbon granules in patented honeycomb layers provide the most complete contact, and longest dwell time between carbon and mercury vapors.
*  Stainless Steel container and trolley ensure easy decontamination
*  Pre-HEPA prevents harmful particulate from damaging carbon filter
*  Activated carbon adsorbent filter prevents mercury from escaping via the vacuums exhaust
*  Smooth lined, transparent Tygon® hose reduces mercury droplet residue
*  1 ½ quart reusable collection bag collects mercury for reuse or reprocessing

Voltage @ 60 Hz. 120
Amp:  9
Watts: 1100
Waterlift, max.: 102"
CFM:  87
Tank Capacity:  2.25 gallons
Paper Bag Capacity:  1.5 quarts
Dimensions: 18.5" x 18.5" x 30"H 
Weight:  44 lbs
Sound level @ 1.5m  59 dB(A) 
Cord Length: 30'
Pre HEPA & Microfilter Area:  775 sq inches 
NI-01796400  Nilfisk SS Mercury Vacuum Kit  115V, 1000W Includes:  5 Year Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA Pre-Filter, Gore-Tex™ Collection Bag, Tygon Collection Hose w/Nozzle
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