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HEPA Filtered, Sets on Wire Frame 4'x2', Curtains, LED Light CAP-416-FA-424-FL-G152
Product Code: CAP-416-FA-424-FL-G152
List Price: $2,593.00
Price: $2,593.00
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Laminar Flow Housing -HEPA Filtered - Sets on Wire Frame 4'x2' - Curtains - LED Light  CAP-416-424-FL 

The economical vertical flow clean bench is designed to install on top of a typical Eagle or Metro wire type shelving unit. 

Shown with White Filter Housing

Clean Benches 2'x4' x 59"H inside ID

• Filter Housing - 48 1/2" x 24 1/2"x 20"H
• Motorized HEPA Filter
• 54"H - 20mil Curtain 4 Sides
• 120V, 4.0 FLA
• Flow Thru Light - LED
• Power Cord
• (1) Chrome Wire Shelf 24"x48"
• (2) Chrome "C" Frames
• (4) Chrome 54"H Posts
• (2) Resilient Rubber Stem Swivel Casters 5"H
• (2) Resilient Rubber Stem Brake Casters 5"H
• Overall Height: 79" H

CAP-416FA-424-FL-G152   Vertical Laminar Flow Housing, Sets on Top of a Wire Racking Frame 24"x48"x54"H Posts, Chrome, 2 Swivel Casters, 2 Braking Ccasters, LED LIGHT, 4FT  48-1/2" x 24-1/2" x 20"H  Class 100, Housing, Motorized HEPA Filter,  54" 20mil curtains 4 sides, 120V, 4.0FLA

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Order online, call customer service at 303-752-0076 or email

Shipping Instructions: The laminar flow clean bench price does not include freight.  The clean bench ships on a padded van freight carrier, and the cost of shipping will be added to your order. Customer service will call or email you after you place your order, to give you the option of shipping the clean bench collect on your account. Please let customer service know if your facility will require a liftgate, or if you have a dock-high receiving area. Also, please include a contact name and phone number for someone at the delivery point.