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Vertical Flow Exhausting Unit #412-EU
Product Code: CAP-412-EU
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Laminar Flow Clean Bench - Vertical Flow - Exhausting Unit  #412-EU

The Vertical Flow Clean Bench Series 412 is specifically designed to create a freestanding ultra-clean mini-environment.  The Clean Bench are available in a variety of sizes and styles engineered to provide excellent solutions for many air filtration applications.  The Series 412 clean bench may vary from vertical flow benches with open interiors to exhausting clean benches with wet process, to recirculating temperature control Class 1 systems.
A clean bench can be used in conjunction with cleanrooms to create clean zones.  They can also be used in lieu of or supplemental to a cleanroom.  A large cleanroom may require a "critical clean" work area around a piece of equipment or process.

The Series 412 vertical laminar flow clean bench consist of three basic components: 
- Upper cabinet module houses the prefilters, HEPA or ULPA main filters, blower motors and lights
- Lower support frame is removable for easy shipment and moving
- Lower work surface module may be as simple as a flat table or as complex as a bench containing tanks, heated etch baths, gooseneck faucets, drains and other options.
The modular design allows the clean bench to be easily shipped and assembled.  Most sizes have been designed to fit through standard doors and hallways.  

- The upper cabinet module is constructed of welded 16 gauge cold rolled steel that is finished ground to remove all sharp edges and painted with baked white enamel. This module houses the blower, motor, HEPA or ULPA filter, fluorescent lights, on/off switches, circuit breakers and electrical junction box.  Standard height of the upper cabinet is 30 inches.  Its length and depth will depend upon the size and style of the unit.  Standard widths are 2-1/2 inches over nominal 3,4,5,6,8 or 10 foot widtehs with interior depths of 30, 36, 42  and 54 inches (interior table or working space).  The overall cabinet width, depth and height will depend on the style of support frame and mode of operation.  The support frame is fabricated from heavy-duty 2x4 inch steel tubing.  Horizontal cross bracing is 2x2 inch steel tubing.  The open frame design permits cabinets to be butted end-to-end with no obstructions.

- Standard finish is a white enamel that provides excellent corrosion protection.  

- The standard HEPA final filter is 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron and larger.  Most models have a final HEPA filter with an aluminum frame, white painted metal face guard and mini pleated filter media.  Filters are removable through the front access panel.  Optional ULPA filters, 99.999% on particles 0.12 micron, are available
•  Welded 16 gauge steel filter cabinet with a white powder coat finish
•  Welded 11 gauge 2x4 tubular steel lower frame with a white powder coat finish
•  Removable type 304 #4 finish stainless steel work surface with staggered 0.34" diameter perforations on the front and rear sections
•  Welded liquid-tight type 304 #4 finish stainless steel exhaust plenum with 1-1/2" diameter center drain coupling
•  Type 304 #4 finish stainless steel exhaust duct
•  Type 304 #4 finish stainless steel back panel
•  Hinged clear polycarbonate front face shield
•  Clear polycarbonate end shields
•  Prefilters that can be relocated to the front or back of the filter cabinet
•  Aluminum framed HEPA filters that provide ISO Class 5 performance
•  Electronically ballasted shatter resistant fluorescent lamps that produce 100 foot candles at the work surface
•  PSC motors with ball bearings, automatic reset thermal protectors, and solid state speed controls
•  Balanced centrifugal direct drive galvanized steel blowers
•  65 dBA
•  90 Ft/Min +/- 20% filter face velocity@ STP
•  Pigtail wires for hard-wiring by others  120V, 60 Hz

•  Stainless Steel construction
•  ULPA filtered
•  Ion bars
•  Non-outgassing

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