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Simco-Ion, In-Tool Ionizing Blower, TargetBlower
Product Code: SM-91-6202e-01
List Price: $525.00
Price: $525.00
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Ionization Equipment - Simco-Ion - In-Tool Ionizing Blower - Target/Blower

Low Balance Compact Self-cleaning In-tool Ionizing TargetBlower Model 6202e is designed to control static charge in near critical environments. With ±5V or better balance, it meets the requirements for manufacturing Class 0 (Charged Device Model) devices. The TargetBlower’s space-saving design is perfect for point-of-use applications found in semiconductor final manufacturing and in other automated process tools. The unique chassis with a built-in collimator ensures directed ionized airflow at the target, efficiently eliminating hazardous static charge. ±5V balance or better Automatic emitter cleaning system Collimated chassis directs ionization to target area Factory Monitoring System (FMS) connection and alarm LED Compact size with no separate control box

SM-91-6202e-01  Simco-Ion In-Tool Ionizing Blower