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Laminar Flow Clean Bench | Horizontal Flow | 48"x36" HEPA
Laminar Flow Clean Bench | Horizontal Flow | 48

Attached Table, 48"x36"H HEPA Filter, CAP-301-436-30H-G131
Product Code: CAP-301-436-30H-G131
List Price: $4,721.00
Price: $4,721.00
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Laminar Flow Clean Bench - Horizontal Flow - Attached Table - 48"x36" HEPA Filter   CAP-301-436-30H-G131

The horizontal laminar flow clean bench is a general purpose HEPA filtered clean bench ideally suited to many types of mechanical or processing work.  It is designed to provide a Class 100 or Class 10 clean air environment suitable for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspectino and/or pharmaceutical operations.

The clean HEPA filtered air flows outward from the cabinet.  This horizontal laminar flow air washes out particulates and prevents contamination from entering the clean work zone.  The laminar flow workstation features "clean edge" construction that puts the hood and table top in shear with the media edge of the HEPA filter.  This reduces turbulence along the sides of the hood, improves the laminar flow, and prevents contaminatino infiltration around the perimeter of the hood. 

  • • Flex Duct provides a factory sealed clean laminar airflow system with simple front HEPA filter removal 
  • • HEPA filter is 99.99% efficient
  • • White plastic laminate table top 
  • • Duplex outlet for auxiliary equipment 
  • • Motor speed infinitely variable with solid state controller 
  • • Protective grill for absolute filter 
  • • "Clean" edge air shear of the absolute filter
  • • Superior quality, excellent appearance, and ruggedness have been achieved through the use of new wrap around structural design
  • • Selected sizes and options UL listed
  • • Vinyl covered steel shell offers the ultimate in appearance and a surface resistant to abuse. 
  • • Fiberglass prefilter easliy removable 
  • • Shipped fully assembled, ready for operation, certified to meet or exceed ISO 5 Class 100 conditions. 
    • Clear polycarbonate hood
    • LED light with separate switch
    • Separate blower power switch
    • Power cord

  • Stainless Steel constuction
  • ULPA filtered
  • Ion bars
  • Non-Outgassing

Product Code: CAP-301-436-30H-G131   Horizontal Flow Laminar Flow Clean Bench - Floor Standing - 46Wx34Hx21D Interior Opening - ISO 5 Class 100 - Plastic Laminate Table Top - Light - 3amp Duplex Outlet - Power Cord - 120V 12.5 FLA
Overall Size: 50-1/2"W x 70-1/2"H x 34"D
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To order a laminar flow clean bench online, you can click above, call customer service at (303) 752-0076, or email 

Shipping Instructions: The laminar flow clean bench price does not include freight.  The clean bench ships on a padded van freight carrier, and the cost of shipping will be added to your order. Customer service will call or email you after you place your order, to give you the option of shipping the clean bench collect on your account. Please let customer service know if your facility will require a liftgate, or if you have a dock-high receiving area. Also, please include a contact name and phone number for someone at the delivery point. 

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