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Acrylic Walls, 24x24x8H, For CAP 591, Filters Sold Separately
Product Code: CAP-591-24x24x8H-G178
List Price: $32,122.00
Price: $32,122.00
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Hardwall Modular Cleanroom -  Acrylic Walls - 24x24x8H - For CAP-591 - Filters Sold Separately
The Verical Flow Acrylic Wall Cleanroom are free standing, rigid wall, modular, prefabricated system that is designed to provide superior cleanroom performance and esthetic appeal.  The clean room modular and prefabricated design combines functinality with flexibility to create systems that will meet your cleanroom needs.  These portable cleanrooms are available from Class 100.000 to Class 10.  The rooms are available with open free spans from 6' to 24' and interior room heights of 8' to 14'.  Multiple rooms can be combined to form larger cleanroom systems.  The system allows for additional sections to be added to existing rooms to expand the cleanroom at a future date.
The Series 591 portable clean rooms have high visual appeal.  They can be made with a clear acrylic panel or have a white panel.  Often the back wall will be white to hide electrical and plumbing running on the back side of the clean room. 
The rigid wall design allows the clean room to operate at higher internal pressures than may be found in other types of cleanroom systems.  This pressure is adjusted through variable wall dampers that regulate the flow of air out of the room that controls the internal room pressure.
CAP-591-24x24x8H-G170  Hardwall Modular Cleanroom Exterior, 314-1/2" x 292" x 120"H Overall Height, 96" Interior Height
Clear Acrylic Walls, 8 Lights, 120V, Blank Ceiling Panels, Rooms roof beams 24 Ft long

Motorized HEPA Filters CAP-117-424-H Ordered Separately.   ISO 8=5, ISO 7=10, ISO 6=17, ISO 5=24