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Stainless Steel
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Freestanding Hand Hygiene System

The CleanTech 4000S Series is a multi-station version of the popular 2000S units and is designed for high volume hand washing and sanitizing applications where precision cleaning of large numbers of people is required. The three hand cleaning stations of the 4000S are hosed in a common stainless steel frame, but operate independently. The system provides the same hand washing efficacy and savings provided by the other CleanTech models, plus the benefits of single-point water, drain and electrical connections.
The 4000S Series is available in a Self-Cleaning version as well as offering the same optional add-on features to enhance its application flexibility. The 4000S is typically applied at single points-of-entry to processing rooms where high volumes of employees must be accomodated. It is ideal for large industrial, food, electronics and clean room environments.
For our customers who require multiple CleanTech® hand washing systems in one location, the 4000S is the perfect choice. The 4000S is more cost effective than purchasing multiple 2000Shand washing models, and is more convenient because it only requires a single hot and cold water line.


The CleanTech® 4000S(Floor Model) 3 station hand washing system is designed to minimize maintenance. Other than replacing the solution containers when the monitor indicates an empty reading, there are no routine maintenance items. The electronic controls are completely modular in design and can be replaced in minutes. The standard warranty is one year parts and labor if shipped within the U.S. Longer warranty periods are available with service and solutions contracts. Service agreements are available, contact Meritech for further information.
The CleanTech® 4000SSC(Floor Model) 3 station hand washing system has all the same features of our 2000S system, but wth the added benefit of self cleaning
The CleanTech® 4000SCR(Clean Room) 3 station Clean Room model has Polypropylene Internal plumbing, trickle through water valves, A DC brushless motor, and user programmable hand and glove washing & rinse cycles.

System Benefits:

Compliance Monitor - Not only do CleanTech® hand washing systems perform the wash so you know it's being performed correctly, but they also provide a cycle counter so that handwashing frequency can be easily verified for your SSOP, HACCP, and GMP programs.
Solution Monitor - Indicates hand wash solution flow. Empty reading indicates empty solution containers; normal reading indicates satisfactory solution flow; and blocked reading indicates blocked solution line.
Optional self-clean cycle - The 4000S hand washing system is available with an optional self-cleaning cycle which uses a hard surface cleaner to clean the system and the facility drain attached to the system. The self-clean cycle initiates every 24 hours unless programmed differently. It can be used for Footbath cleaning stations. The drain water from the CleanTech® hand washing system is routed into a footbath station. The system automatically keeps the station clean and at approximately 400 ppm quaternary ammonium unless programmed differently. A floor drain should be located nearby for routing excess effluent.
Stainless Steel, Corrosion-Resistant - The CleanTech® 4000S hand washing system can be installed in wet, cold environments where sanitation is performed. The hand washing system uses corrosion-resistant componentry inside and out (NEMA 4X and 6 rated).
Design Features - The 4000S hand washing system is a three position design with each station operating independently from the others. This allows three times the throughput of a standard 2000S hand washing unit while still requiring only a single hot and cold water line (1/2" dia. minimum, 12 g.p.m. minimum) , a single 1 1/2" dia. drain, and a single 110 volt power cord. Each of the stations has its own solution bottles and electronic controls, this allows for maintenance or repairs on one station without disabling the other two stations.


CleanTech 4000S (Floor Model)Three Station, Stainless Steel, Floor Model Optional Accessories:
  • Boot Sanitizing Station (3)
  • Air Curtain (3)
  • Heated Air Curtain (3)

CleanTech 4000SSC (Floor Model)

Three Station, Stainless Steel, Floor Model, Self Cleaning Optional Accessories:
  • Boot Sanitizing Station (3)
  • Air Curtain (3)
  • Heated Air Curtain (3)

CleanTech 4000SCR (Clean Room)

Stainless Steel, Floor Model, Polypropylene Internal Plumbing, Trickle-through Water Valves, DC Brushless Motor, User Programmable Hand/Glove Wash & Rinse Cycles Optional Accessories:
  • Air Curtain
  • Heated Air Curtain
  • PVDF/Teflon Internal Plumbing
  • Cabinet Exhaust


The Boot Sanitizing Station

Station Dimensions:

  • 18-1/2" L x 18-1/2" W x 5" H
  • 3/8" thick rubber ribbed mat
  • 41" FNPT inlet and outlet fittings
Drain tubing from CleanTech system to boot sanitizing station supplied, along with installation instructions.
Description - The Boot Sanitizing Station option for CleanTech 2000S is designed as follows: A 18-1/2" x 18-1/2 x 5" deep stainless steel open-topped pan is placed in front of the CleanTech system so that the user may stand in the pan to operate the system. The pan may also be positioned away from the system at a plant entrance. The drain line from the CleanTech system is piped into the Boot Sanitizing Station. The station then drains to the floor drain. The CleanTech unit is electronically programmed to activate a self-clean cycle every 5 handwashes. This will maintain the quat level in the pan at approximately 400 ppm unless programmed differently. This option greatly reduces labor required to maintain manual boot sanitizing stations. In addition, with this option on the 2000S, the employee gets sanitized hands and boots at the same time.
  • Actual depth of pan is 4". Total height of pan with legs is 5".
  • Standing water level is either 1/2" or 1-3/4" depending upon which fitting is used for water inlet and which is used for water outlet.
  • Floor drain is required.