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Stainless Steel
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Freestanding Handwashing System
The CleanTech 2000 series works in any workplace environment, from clean rooms to high traffic industrial. The 2000 model is available with many options providing a high degree of flexibility to meet specific user needs. The 2000S Series utilizes hand hygiene technology to provide a highly efficacious pathogen destruction cycle with proven solution, water and time savings, plus a self-cleaning feature and a variety of optional add-on features that enhance its applications.
The unit can be equipped with an optional boot sanitizing system that provides simultaneous hand and boot cleaning/sanitizing. The 2000S Series is typically applied at multiple points-of-entry to many types of industrial processing rooms, as an allergen isolation process and in food, electronic, industrial and medical clean rooms.
Stainless Steel, Floor Model, Polypropylene Internal Plumbing, Trickle-through Water Valves, DC Brushless Motor, User Programmable Hand/Glove Wash & Rinse Cycles
CleanTech® 2000SSC (Floor Model)-
Unit is equipped with a self clean feature SSC unit- every 24 hours self-sanitizing cycle begins automatically. (Not avail on 400 or 500 series) Self-cleaning feature designed to help rid bacterial contamination in the cylinders and sanitizes the drain systems which can also become contaminated - 2000SSC unit injects a high power surface disinfectant to sanitize the inside surfaces of the cylinder as well as the drain system.
2000SCR Clean Room model - The 2000S Clean Room model has Polypropylene Internal plumbing, trickle through water valves, A DC brushless motor, and user programmable hand and glove washing & rinse cycles.


Compliance Monitor - Not only does CleanTech® perform the wash so you know it's being performed correctly, it also provides a cycle counter so that hand washing frequency can be easily verified for your SSOP, HACCP, and GMP programs.
Solutions Monitor - Indicates handwash solution flow. Empty reading indicates empty solution containers; Normal reading indicates satisfactory solution flow; and Blocked reading indicates blocked solution line.
Self-Clean Monitor - Indicates Self-Clean flow. Self-Clean is used in the CleanTech Model 2000S system as a hard surface cleaner to eliminate bacteria colonization in the system and facility drain attached to the system. Self-Clean cycle initiates every 24 hours unless programmed differently. It can also be used for a Boot Sanitizing Station. See Boot Sanitizing Station description on back of this sheet.
Stainless Steel, Corrosion-Resistant - The system can be installed in wet, cold environments where sanitation is performed and uses corrosion-resistant componentry inside and out (NEMA 4X and 6 rated
2000S Optional Accessories:                                      2000SSC Stainless Steel, Floor Model, Self
*  Air Curtain                                                                     Cleaning Optional Accessories:
*  Heated Air Curtain                                                       *  Boot Sanitizing Station
*  PFDF/Teflon Internal Plumbing                                 *  2.5 Gallon Internal Water Heater
*  Cabinet Exhaust                                                          *  Air Curtain 
*  Casters (2 Fixed)                                                         *  Casters (2 Fixed)
*  Solutions Aspiration                                                   *  Solutions Door Lock
*  Solutions Door Lock