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Arrows, Stems & Arrow Heads
Product Code: EO-DSS-ARROW
List Price: $67.00
Price: $57.45
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Floor Marking Tape - Arrows, Stems & Arrow Heads

DuraStripe Shapes are perfect for any 5S or Six Sigma program and available in an array of die-cut peel-&-stick shapes and characters. These durable floor markings will communicate safety instructions and can withstand pedestrian or forklift traffic. DuraStripe Shapes are so easy to install and reconfigure, you just peel-&-stick! This will save you time and money from having to paint floor markings.
DuraStripe Shape Arrows and DuraStripe Shape Foot Prints are perfect for guiding traffic flow. DuraStripe Shape Puxs are ideal for high-impact traffic areas. DuraStripe Shape Letters and Numbers make for excellent floor labeling tools or can be used to simply communicate instructions to workers and/or forklift operators.
  • Ideal for perfect or less than perfect floors
  • Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation
  • No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity
Colors:  Red(R), Orange(O), Yellow(Y), Blue(B), Green(G), Black(BL), Grey(GY), & White(W)
Price per case- All cases of Arrows below are the same price
Specify color when ordering
EO-DSS-ARROW-7A-R       7"   Arrow Heads   Red  55/case    Material: DuraStripe Supreme
EO-DSS-ARROW-12A-R    12" Arrow Heads   Red  20/case
EO-DSS-ARROW-16A-R    16" Arrow Heads   Red  12/case
EO-DSS-ARROW-124-R     Arrow:  12"x4" Stem-2"  Red  35/case
EO-DSS-ARROW-186-R     Arrow:  18"x6" Stem-3"  Red  12/case
EO-DSS-ARROW-2813-R   Arrow:  28"x13" Stem-4.75"  Red  3/case
EO-DSS-ARROW-3412-R   Arrow:  34"x12" Stem-6" Red  2/case

EO-DSS-ARROW-2823D-R  Double Sided Arrow:  28"x13"  Stem 4.75"   Red  3/case