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Peel & Stick Striping
Product Code: EO-DVS-x-100
List Price: $99.00
Price: $91.38


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Floor Marking - Peel & Stick Striping

Durastripe Supreme V Peel & Stick Floor/Aisle Striping combines a strong adhesive for non ideal floor conditions along with low impact.  The striping material has tapered edges to eliminate most of the potential tripping and impact hazards.
If your floors have areas of high traffic or hit zones we recommend two ideal DuraStripe products.  The Supreme V is the superior choice because of its tapered edges, but DS Supreme V PUX is an excellent alternative due to easy replacement.
DuraStripe Supreme V is available in 100 ft long rolls  
Colors:  Red(R), Orange(O), Yellow(Y), Blue(B), Green(G), Black(BL), Grey(GY), & White(W)
Widths: 2",3",4",6",12",24" and 34"
New building/smooth floors:       Excellent
Porous Floors:                              Superior
Old, oily, dirty, or epoxy floors:   Superior
Uneven or tiles:                            Superior
Available in 5S shapes:                   Yes
Available/custom colors:               8/Yes
Beveled Edge:                                  Yes
Normal Thickness:                         34 mils
EO-DVS-2-100-R    2"W  Red          Durastripe Supreme V
EO-DVS-2-100-O    2"W  Orange
EO-DVS-2-100-Y    2"W  Yellow
EO-DVS-2-100-B    2"W  Blue
EO-DVS-2-100-G    2"W  Green
EO-DVS-2-100-BL  2"W  Black
EO-DVS-2-100-GY 2"W  Grey
EO-DVS-2-100-W   2"W  White
Part Number Example:  EO-DVS- (roll width)-100 (roll length)-(color)
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