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Digital Static Meter w/Extended Reach
Product Code: ET-212XL
List Price: $1,195.00
Price: $1,195.00
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ESD Tester - Digital Static Meter w/Extended Reach

The Model  ET-212XL Surveyorstat is a precision static field meter featuring chopper stabilized sensors for accurate measurements in ionized and non-ionized environments.  the XL has the sensor mounted on an extender that is adjustable from 18" to 36" allowing the user to obtain measurements in hard-to-reach locations.  A locking MEASURE/HOLD switch enables the user to take a measurement and then hold the reading. 
  • Static Locator with MEASURE/HOLD function
  • Sensor extends to 3’ (.9 m)
  • Sensor swivels for optimum orientation
  • Measurement range @ 1” (25 mm): ±20 kV for Model 212XL ±1/10 kV for Model 211XL
  • Choice of readouts: 3½-Digit LCD for Model 212XL 10-LED bargraph for Model 211XL
  • Chopper stabilized sensor
  • Polarity, range & BAT LO indication
  • 9V battery operation
ET-212XL  Extended Reach Field Meter  
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