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ESD Analyzer, Charge Plate Monitor, Digital Static Meter
Product Code: ET-204
List Price: $1,695.00
Price: $1,695.00
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ESD Tester - ESD Analyzer - Charge Plate Monitor - Digital Static Meter

The Model 204 is a low-cost, full function Electrostatic Analyzer/Charge Plate Monitor for evaluating the performance of ionizers, static protective material and ESD controlled installations. Use in applications requiring a charged plate monitor for measuring static dissipation such as SAE J1645 for automotive fuel system assemblies and triboelectric charge analysis.  The Model 204 can also be used as a static field meter.  The Charged Plate Analyzer Kit, contained in a soft shell carrying case, includes plug-in 6"x6" detector plate, tripod, utility wiring verifier with ground jack plus Humidity/ Temperature/ Dew Point Indicator.

The Model 204 features a chopper-stabilized ESD (electrostatic) sensor, ±1200 volt built-in charging source, internal clock, 20pf charge plate and 3½-Digit display. Power is supplied by a single 9-volt battery. The Model 204 may also be used as a static locator and meets the requirements of ESD 3.1 for ionizer testing.
  • Use as a static meter, CPM & electrostatic analyzer
  • Chopper-stabilized sensor
  • Operates in ionized air
  • 3½-Digit LCD meter
  • Recorder output
  • Internal ±1200V charging source
  • Internal timer counts to 60 seconds
  • 0.3 second resolution
  • 1-Volt resolution
  • Plug-in 6”x6” plate (optional)
  • Meets ESD STM 3.1-2000
ET-204   Charged Plate Analyzer Kit
NOTE:  Field Meter must be ordered separately
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