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Fabric, Standard Seat, Height Adjustment 17 to 21-1/2, GK-E3000ATF
Product Code: GK-E3000ATF
List Price: $743.00
Price: $434.00
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ESD Chair - Fabric - Standard Seat - Height Adjustment 17" to 21½" - GK-E3000ATF

The ESD chair are required for areas concerned with static.  All of the chairs except the harsh environment chair can be made as a ESD chair.  The ESD chair is grounded through a circuit board and wiring leading to the metal casters.  Special fabrics are used and available in vinyl or a fabric.  The chairs meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard.
•  Blue (851)   
•  Charcoal - Light Gray (863)   
•  Dark Gray (865)

•  Braking Casters
•  High Back, Extra High Back
•  Independant Tilt Control 24/7
•  Upholstered Vinyl Arm Pads
GK-E3000ATF85107          Chair  ESD package with circuit board 
                                           Height Adjustment 17" to 21 1/2"
                                           Back Tilt Only Controller
                                           Blue Fabric
                                           Casters Conductive die cast steel dual wheel caster
                                           26" Diameter 5 legged polished aluminum base

GK-E3300ATF85107     Height Adjustment:     22" to 29.5"   Blue    Adjustable Footring
GK-E3400ATF85107                                        19" to 25.5"   Blue    Adjustable Footring
GK-E3500ATF85107                                        25" to 35"       Blue    Adjustable Footring

GK-E3000ATF86307                                        17" to 21.5"   Charcoal Light Gray
GK-E3300ATF86307                                        22" to 29.5"   Charcoal Light Gray  Adjustable Footring
GK-E3400ATF86307                                        19" to 25.5"   Charcoal Light Gray  Adjustable Footring
GK-E3500ATF86307                                        25" to 35"      Charcoal Light Gray  Adjustable Footring

GK-E3000ATF86507                                        17" to 21.5"   Dark Gray
GK-E3300ATF86507                                        22" to 29.5"   Dark Gray  Adjustable Footring
GK-E3400ATF86507                                        19" to 25.5"   Dark Gray  Adjustable Footring
GK-E3500ATF86507                                        25" to 35"       Dark Gray Adjustable Footring

For more options, visit our ESD Chair section.

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