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ESD Cart Covers | Conductive/Static Dissipative | 63"H
ESD Cart Covers | Conductive/Static Dissipative | 63

Green Static Dissipative/Black Conductive, 15 Sizes, 63"H
Product Code: AR-50513-63
List Price: $277.00
Price: $248.66
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ESD Cart Covers - Static Dissipative/Conductive - 15 Sizes - 63"H

The ESD cart covers provide maximum ESD protection with green/black dissipative/conductive supported vinyl cart cover. Cart covers are designed to shield static sensitive devices, components and sub-assemblies from ESD damage, dust and dirt during transportation and storage.  Green side is static dissipative and black side is conductive.  ESD cart covers can be made with either the static dissipative or conductive
Surface resistivity of the green side 10^9 - 10^10   ohms  -  Black Side 10^3 - 10^4  ohms

• (2) Zippers to form a flap
• (1) Clear static dissipative vinyl pocket  
• Reinforced corners
• (1) 10mm male snap
• Washable
• Durable
• Flame Resistant
• Mildew/Fungal Resistant
• Reusable
• Form-Fitted to the product

• Zippers, velco or simple over lap flaps
• Static dissipative clear vinyl pockets
• Reinforced corners
• Grounding snaps
• Printing
• Vents
• Custom sizes

Cart covers are made per order and not in stock


ESD Cart Covers  - Fits Posts 63"H - Conductive/Static Dissipative - 2 Zippers - 1 Clear Static Dissipative Vinyl Pocket - 1 10mm Male Snap
AR-50513-311963     31"x19"x63"H    Fits 30"x18"x63"H
AR-50513-371963     37"x19"x63"H           36"x18"x63"H
AR-50513-491963     49"X19"x63"H           48"x18"x63"H
AR-50513-611963     61"x19"x63"H           60"x18"x63"H
AR-50513-731963     73"x19"x63"H           72"x18"x63"H

AR-50513-312563     31"x25"x63"H           30"x24"x63"H
AR-50513-372563     37"x25"x63"H           36"x24"x63"H
AR-50513-492563     49"x25"x63"H           48"x24"x63"H
AR-50513-612563     61"x25"x63"H           60"x24"x63"H
AR-50513-732563     73"x25"x63"H           72"x24"x63"H

AR-50513-313163     31"x31"x63"H           30"x30"x63"H
AR-50513-373163     37"x31"x63"H           36"x30"X63"H
AR-50513-493163     49"x31"x63"H           48"x30"x63"H
AR-50513-613163     61"x31"x63"H           60"x30"x63"H
AR-50513-733163     73"x31"x63"H           72"x30"x63"H

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To order ESD cart covers online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email

Shipping Instructions: ESD cart cover will ship UPS or Fedex.  The order can ship collect or prepay and add to the invoice.  Customer is responsible for the freight charges.

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