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Outside Static Dissipative, Inside Conductive, Cover 54"H, 15 Sizes
Product Code: AR-50513-54
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ESD Cart Covers - Outside/Static Dissipative - Inside/Conductive - Cover 54"H - 15 Sizes
The ESD cart covers provide maximum ESD protection with green/black dissipative/conductive supported vinyl cart cover. Cart covers are designed to shield static sensitive devices, components and sub-assemblies from ESD damage, dust and dirt during transportation and storage.  Green side is static dissipative and black side is conductive. 
Surface resistivity of the green side 109 - 1010  ohms  -  Black Side 103- 104  ohms

• Washable
• Durable
• Flame Resistant
• Mildew/Fungal Resistant
• Reusable
• Form-Fitted to the product

Also available with zippers or Velcro®, printing, vents, pockets, grounding snaps and reinforced corners

Call for custom sizes
Cart covers are made per order and not in stock

ESD Cart Covers  - Fits Posts 54"H - Conductive/Static Dissipative - 2 Zippers - 1 Clear Static Dissipative Vinyl Pocket - 1 10mm Male Snap
AR-50513-311954     31"x19"x54"H    Fits 30"x18"x54"H
AR-50513-371954     37"x19"x54"H           36"x18"x54"H
AR-50513-491954     49"X19"x54"H           48"x18"x54"H
AR-50513-611954     61"x19"x54"H           60"x18"x54"H
AR-50513-731954     73"x19"x54"H           72"x18"x54"H

AR-50513-312554     31"x25"x54"H           30"x24"x54"H
AR-50513-372554     37"x25"x54"H           36"x24"x54"H
AR-50513-492554     49"x25"x54"H           48"x24"x54"H
AR-50513-612554     61"x25"x54"H           60"x24"x54"H
AR-50513-732554     73"x25"x54"H           72"x24"x54"H

AR-50513-313154     31"x31"x54"H           30"x30"x54"H
AR-50513-373154     37"x31"x54"H           36"x30"X54"H
AR-50513-493154     49"x31"x54"H           48"x30"x54"H
AR-50513-613154     61"x31"x54"H           60"x30"x54"H
AR-50513-733154     73"x31"x54"H           72"x30"x54"H