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Cleanroom, 60" x 60", White, HT-1190-6060-WH
Product Code: HT-1190-6060-WH
List Price: $109.00
Price: $98.00
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ESD Blanket - Cleanroom  - Multiple Colors Available - 60" x 60" - White - HT-1190-6060-WH

ESD blankets are manufactured from polyester cleanroom garment fabric.  The blankets have an ESD carbon grid pattern in the material.  All four sides have a sewn edge so the blankets can be laundered.

•  Polyester garment fabric
•  ESD carbon grid
•  Sewn edges
•  Launderable
•  Multiple colors
•  Any size can be made         
•  White                                WH
•  Light Blue                          LB
•  Light Green                        LG
•  Yellow                               YL
•  Pink                                   PK
•  Navy Blue                           NB
•  Red                                    RD
•  Black                                  BK
NOTE: Many sizes and colors of equipment covers are in stock.  If they are not in stock the lead time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.  

HT-1190-6060-WH     ESD, Equipment Cover , Cleanroom, White, 60" x 60".

For more options, visit our main Cleanroom Cart Cover section.

Order online, call customer service at 303-752-0076 or email

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