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5-50 Micron Droplet VA-C2C-100-3
Product Code: VA-C2C-100-3
List Price: $2,400.00
Price: $2,194.00
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CORE 2 CLEAN SYSTEM® Fogger  5-50 Micron Droplet

* The Core2Clean Systems are made of 304 & 316 stainless steel.  The Core2Clean Systems can be steam sterilized eliminating the concern for introduction of viable contamination to the controlled environment from the components themselves.
* The Core2Clean Systems is compressed air operated (ASME rated to 100 psi).  This provides the ability to dispense a continuous flow of a clean solution to the surface.  Continuously providing a clean solution to the surace reduces cleaning time and end user effort.
* The Core2Clean Systems eliminate concerns of changing dirty cleaning solutions.  This eliminates the need to discard dirty solutions and reduces the volume of cleaning agents required to address surfaces annually.
* The Core2Clean Systems incorporate a trigger activated dispensing mop, a sprayer or a fogger, all in one unit.
* The Core2Clean Systems present a sufficient wetting of the surface unavailable from other mopping systems.  Increasing the time period the surface remains wet is essential to assuring efficacy performance of disinfecting agents.
* The Core2Clean Systems can reduce cleaning time by 50% and is easily moved from area to area by a 4 wheel caster dolly that can be removed and cleaned.
* The Core2Clean Systems utilize quick connects to attach the mop, sprayer or fogger.  The Core2Clean Systems are user friendly and simplify cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
VA-C2C-100-3   Core2Clean System - Fogger with Quick Disconnect Tip


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