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13 Cubic Feet
Product Code: ET-518
List Price: $8,895.00
Price: $8,895.00
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The Humidity and Temperature Controlled Chambers are ideal for weighing, storage, testing and fabrication of materials in pharmaceutical, air quality control, electronic, electrostatic (ESD), aerospace and other industries
MODEL 518 CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT CHAMBER (13 cu. ft.)The Model 518 is a complete ready-to-use system with built-in controls. Standard features include the Model 561 Desiccant/Pump Dehumidification System, Model 562 Ultrasonic Humidification System, Model 563 CO2 Cooling System**, 500 Watt Heater, Lighting, Circulating Fan, Duplex AC Outlet and many other features.
The Model 518 Controlled Environment Chamber includes built-in controls and operating systems designed to allow the end user to purchase a complete, ready-to-use system capable of maintaining humidity from 7-98% R.H. @ 72°F and temperature from 32-130°F . Additional operating systems and accessories may be purchased to further enhance the
capabilities of the system.
   13 Cu. Ft. Working Volume
à 115/230 VAC Operation
à Humidity & Temperature Control
à Thermal Protection Circuitry
à Fluorescent Lighting
à Duplex AC Outlet
à Sample & Equipment Doors
à Accessories & Operating Systems
ET-518   Controlled Environment Chamber - 13 Cubic Feet  7-98% R.H. @ 72° and temperature from 32 -130°F
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