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Nonwoven Poly/Cellulose, Light Weight 9x9 LT-C3OL-99
Product Code: LT-C30L-99
List Price: $300.27
Price: $253.82
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Cleanroom Wipes - Nonwoven Poly/Cellulose - Light Weight - 9x9  LT-C30L-99

The C-Wipes is a general purpose wipe combines highly absorbent natural cellulose fibers with tough polyester fibers, hydo-entangled for maximum strength. 

• Absorbent: Absorbs four times their own weight
• Strong: Hydro-entangling creates a stronger web
• Nonabrasive: Soft texture won't scratch surfaces, wet or dry
• Low Particle: Low in soluble extractables and metallic ions, thanks to no binders or surfactants in the manufacturing process
• Cleanroom-Prepared: Converted, cleaned and double-bag packaged in a cleanroom
• Chemical Tolerance: Won't break down with most common cleaning and disinfecting solutions

• Steam autoclavable for aseptic areas
• Food processing equipment sanitation and maintenance
• Less critical environments
• Glass and surfaces
• Equipment, tool, production line and facility maintenance outside of controlled environments
• Removal of thick liquids, greases and dirt

• Standard sizes: 4"X4", 9"x9" and 12"x12" available for all weights
• Custom sizes on request

Customizable Features
• Size: Available in any size sheet or roll
• Fabric: Dupont Sontara®, a micro-level cleaning fabric, is specifically engineered for cleanroom applications
• Texture: Twill, or hill-and-valley pattern, makes for more aggressive cleaning.  But it's still gentle enough that wipes won't scratch and smear sensitive surfaces
• Compatibility: Class 100 compatible
Non Woven Light Weight Poly/cellulose Wiper Low Particle - 1.36 to 1.87 oz/sq yd,  46 to 63 g/SqM 
LT-C30L-44       4"x4 "    1200/bag  - 16 bags/case
LT-C30L-66       6"x6"       300/bag -  24 bags/case  
LT-C30L-99       9"x9"       300/bag -  14 bags/case
LT-C30L-1212  12"x12"   150/bag -  10 bags/case

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