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PVA, NovaLite, 9"x 9", MN-WP2-99
Product Code: MN-WP2-99
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Cleanroom Wipers - PVA - NovaLite -  9" x 9" - MN-WP2-99

The NovaLite™ wipes is a series of hard-wearing wipers designed for medical device, pharmaceutical and hi-tech applications. The Novalite wiper material is a latex exterior bonded with rayon, which offers both hard-wearing and absorbent qualities. Novalite has an absorbency of 400%. The latex surface affords greater friction resistance than other man-made wipers and sponges - ideal for removing fine dusts and powders. All Novalite wipers can be laundered and autoclaved.  The NovaLite material is 1/16" thick.  100 wipers per case.  All wipes are bagged 10 per bag. Minimum order 1 bag of 10 wipers.  Priced for a bag of 10 wipers

• Latex exterior bonded with rayon
• Launderable
• Autoclaveable
• Highly absorbent

Available in Sizes:  9"x 9"      100/Pack
                               10"x 12"      100/Pack
                               12"x 12"      100/Pack
                               14"x 18"       50/Pack     

MN-WP2-99   NovaLite, PVA Wiper, 9"x 9"

NOTE:  Price per bag of 10 wipes.
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