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Perforated, Peel/Reseal, 1"W x 18 Yards Long, MN-CSLB-1WH
Product Code: MN-CSLB-1WH
List Price: $33.20
Price: $19.29
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Cleanroom Tape - Perforated - Peel/Reseal - 1"W x 18 Yards Long - MN-CSLB-1WH

Cleanroom tape is perforated , low outgassing polyethylene film which will remove cleanly leaving no adhesive residue.  The excellent peel/reseal properties combined with the easy tear perforations every 3" make this tape ideal choice for bundling, labeling and sealing.  The tape is wound on a 3" plastic core with no liner eliminating waste.  The acrylic adhesive makes this tape an ultra low outgassing means of sealing in the clean room.  The tape is available in five sizes.  The perforated tape can be written on using a pen or permanent marker. 

•  Perforated
•  Low Outgassing
•  No Adhesive Residue
•  Three Inch Plastic Core
•  Available in Five Sizes
•  Can be Written On
•  White

•  MN-CSLB-12WH          1/2"          72 Rolls per Case
•  MN-CSLB-34WH          3/4"          48  
•  MN-CSLB-1WH               1"          36
•  MN-CSLB-2WH               2"          24
•  MN-CSLB-3WH               3"          12

NOTE:  Price Per Each.

MN-CSLB-xxxx, Perforated, Polyethylene Tape, 18 yards, White.     

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