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Floor Squeegee, Quick Dry Foam 18"or 24"W PF-9718
Product Code: PF-9718
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Price: $27.00
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Cleanroom Squeegee - Floor Squeegee - Quick Dry Foam  18" or 24"W
Twin-blade floor squeegee is made of neoprene rubber with a durable polymer channel.  Flexible blades are specifically designed for use on uneven or irregular surfaces.  Resistant to water, oil, grease, detergents, sanitizers and solvents.  Wash and rinse clean with warm water-dries quickly.
Compliment these tough PVC blades with the Perfex Polymer Adjustable Handle.
Available in 18" or 24"  Widths
Cleanroom Squeegee - Floor Squeegee - Quick Dry Foam   10/case
PF-9718    18" Wide
PF-9724    24" Wide
minimum order may apply

Order handle seperately- see below

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