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Cleanroom Paper | 3 HOLE PUNCHED | 8.5”x11” | Blue
Cleanroom Paper | 3 HOLE PUNCHED | 8.5”x11” | Blue

8.5"x11", Blue, 22.5#, LT-7177BE-8A-03
Product Code: LT-7177BE-8A-03
List Price: $182.00
Price: $172.17
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Cleanroom Paper - 3 Hole Punched - 8.5"x11" - Blue - 22.5#   LT-7177BE-8A-03


The cleanroom paper has been developed to provide clean rooms with paper that will reduce the risk of contamination and increased product yield. It is impregnated and coated with special polymer formulation that inhibits particle generation and chemical extractables. 250 sheets/pack - 10 packs per case. 


Colors:  White, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink


Copy Machine Paper: It is dimensionally stable and compatible in both wet and dry copy systems



• Ultralow particle generation 

• Ultralow extractable chemicals 

• Ultralow metalic ion content

• High brightness 

• High opacity 

• High tear and tensile strength 

• Mullen burst strength of 50 lbs per sq in 

• Heat resistant 

• Compatible with virtually any ink system 

• Processed and double bag packaged in a Class 100 clean room


Cleanroom Paper does not have any ESD / antistatic properties



LT-7177WE-8A-03     White    

LT-7177BE-8A-03      Blue

LT-7177GE-8A-03      Green

LT-7177PE-8A-03       Pink

LT-7177YE-8A-03       Yellow      


Product Code: LT-7177BE-8A-03  Cleanroom Paper, 3 Hole Punched, 8.5"x11", Blue, 22.5#, 250 sheets/pack - 10 packs/case

For more options, visit our main Cleanroom Paper section


Shipping Instructions: The cleanroom paper price does not include freight.  Customer is responsible for freight charges. The cleanroom paper ships via UPS or Fedex weighing 29lbs. There will be an option to put your collect account when checking out in a comments box. Customer service will also call or email you after the order is placed to give you the option of shipping the cleanroom paper collect on your account. Please include delivery point of contact name and phone number. 


In addition to cleanroom paper, we also offer a variety of other cleanroom documentation material, including cleanroom binderscleanroom sticky notes, and cleanroom pens.


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