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Roll-O-Matic, Stainless, 14"W, RM-6214
Product Code: RM-6214
List Price: $177.59
Price: $161.00
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Cleanroom Mops - Roll-O-Matic - Stainless -  Self Wringing - 14"W - RM-6214

The original Roll-O-Matic stainless steel mop is used in all controlled environments.  The Roll-O-Matic wringer is built into the handle eliminating the need for an expensive and bulky wringer.  The wringer style is a "Pull and Lift" technique used in cleaning and disinfecting walls, floors and ceilings.   The stainless steel components allow for no sharp edges and can be sterilized using an autoclave, gamma and ETO.  All of the original and advanced technology Roll-O-Matic mop heads can be used as replacement heads.  The mop handle is 48" long.

• Entire mop handle is completely autoclavable at the most common autoclave cycles
• Handle length is 48"
• Straight handle allows user to properly use the pull and lift technique with both sides of the mop
• Perfect for use on walls and ceilings, commonly used on floors

RM-6214, Roll-O-Matic, Stainless Steel Mop, 14" Wide Mop Head, Comes with one mop head, Price per each

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