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Perfex TruClean Deluxe Disinfection System PF-30-3
Product Code: PF-30-3
List Price: $380.00
Price: $380.00
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Cleanroom Mop Bucket System - Perfex TruClean Deluxe Disinfection System

Perfex Truclean Cleanroom Bucket Disinfection System comes complete with 36 liter bucket, casters, stainless steel sleeve, waste containment bucket, stainless steel sieve, mop frame and adjustable handle.

This Deluxe Mop Bucket System will allow the use of the bucket-in-bucket concept with a sieve for the waste containment bucket or use a sieve alone on the 36 liter bucket.  Both options are designed for small area cleaning and disinfecting.  Compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization. - up to 250 degree F (121 C) for 30 minutes.

Complete list of item numbers included with the TruClean Deluxe Disinfection System:
• #PF-30-36  36 Liter Bucket with casters in your choice of Red/White/Blue
• #PF-30-47  Stainless Steel Sieve
• #PF-30-09  Waste Containment Bucket in your choice of Red/White/Blue
• #PF-30-46  Stainless Steel Sieve for the PF-30-09
• #PF-22-38  Mop Frame
• #PF-22-57  Mop Handle

Perfex TruClean Cleanroom Mop Bucket Disinfection System
PF-30-3-R     Red
PF-30-3-W    White
PF-30-3-B     Blue