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Motorized Filter Air Conditioning, 10 Ton Vertical Unit, HI-75
Product Code: HI-75
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Cleanroom Filters -  Motorized Filter Air Conditioning - 10 Ton Vertical Unit

The Series of HVAC products from HEPAir is the only fully integrated modular environmental systems specifically designed and manufactured for the general cleanroom industry. The cleanroom AC units are intended for use in standard cleanroom environments such as pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, packaging, aerospace, chemical, hospitals and laboratories.

These AC units are inteded for temperature, humidity and pressure control and are offered in both standard or customized systems ranging in size from 1/2 ton to 25 tons in capacity.

The HEPAir® Vertical Series operates independently of large, central systems.  The AC unit can control positive and negative pressure and is ideal where point-of use control is required.  The AC HEPAir Vertical series is available with many factory-installed options such as close temperature tolerances, alarms and controls. 

        *  115, 208-230V, 60-Hz: 220-240V, 50Hz
        *  Designed for once-through or recirculating applications
        *  Field connections capable from multiple sides
        *  Do-It-Yourself solution
        *  Easily relocate or modify the space at a later date

        *  5 Ton through 22 Ton capacities
        *  Mechanical components accessible from the front of the unit
        *  Energy efficient scroll compressors in series
        *  Multiple supply and return air openings
        *  Completely self contained design
        *  Factory tested prior to shipment
        *  UL and CSA Approved
      *  Water cooled or Air cooled condenser
      *  Integral stainless steel humidification
      *  SSR driven electric reheat 
      *  High static pressure fans
      *  Integral HEPA filtration
      *  PLC controls
      *  Stainless Steel construction
Sizes:  10 Ton,  12 Ton, 18 Ton and 22 Ton Units
HI-75     HVAC 10 Ton Vertical Unit -   Btu/Hr,  208 vac, Single Phase, 60 Hz, Air Cooled Condenser.   Does not include HEPA filter fan unit (optional)