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ESD Boxes | ESD Totes | Conductive Containers | 14.9x9.3x5.0
ESD Boxes | ESD Totes | Conductive Containers | 14.9x9.3x5.0

Black, Conductive, Dividable, LB-DC2050-XL
Product Code: LB-DC2050-XL
List Price: $18.17
Price: $17.65
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ESD Boxes - ESD Totes - Conductive Containers - Black - Inside: 14.9"L x 9.3"W x 5.0"H  LB-DC2050-XL

ESD divider box is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, electronics, and healthcare markets for storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution.
ESD or electro static discharge, refers to how quickly material will dissipate (charge moves through the product) an electical charge.  Material is rated at different levels for the "resistance" at which it will allow a charge to move through the material.  Conductive material allows the charge to move very fast and has a low resistance.  Static dissipative material allows the charge to move quickly but slower than conductive material.  An insulative product has no movement or a very high resistance.  If parts are sensitive to electrical charges they should be stored in a conductive container.

Conductive               10∧3 - 10∧5 ohms   material has static control properties
Static Dissipative      10∧ 6 - 10∧10 ohms    material has static control properties
Insulative                  10∧11 - 10∧12 ohms   material has no static control
•  XL Conductive material
•  Strong stacking ridge and innovative ribbed walls ensures high performance
•  Compatible with many kinds of racking, shelving, and material handling equipment
•  Load capacity of 40 lbs. per container
•  Anti-static cardholders available for ESD-Safe identification
•  Optional dividers available
•  Two optional ESD safe covers are available for added product protection, creating a Faraday Cage

NOTE:  Price Per Each.  Sold Only in Carton Quantity.

                                             Outside Dimensions                                   Inside Dimensions                          Carton 
                                                  "L  x "W  x  "H                                        "L  x  "W x H"                            Quantity 

                              Top                Bottom                 Top                 Bottom     

DC1025-XL     10.8x8.3x2.5      9.8x7.3x2.5        9.2x6.6x2.5       9.1x6.5x2.5               24
DC1035-XL     10.8x8.3x3.5      9.8x7.3x.35        9.2x6.6x3.5       9.2x6.4x3.5               16
DC1050-XL     10.8x8.3x5.0      9.8x7.3x5.0        9.3x6.6x5.0       9.1x6.4x5.0               16
DC2025-XL     16.5x10.9x2.5    15.5x9.9x2.5      14.8x9.2x2.5     14.7x9.1x2.5             12
DC2035-XL     16.5x10.9x3.5    15.5x9.9x3.5      14.8x9.3x3.5     14.8x9.2x3.5              8
DC2050-XL     16.5x10.9x5.0    15.5x9.9x5.0      14.9x9.3x5.0     14.8x9.3x5.0              8
DC2060-XL     16.5x10.9x6.0    15.5x9.9x6.0      14.9x9.4x6.0     14.9x9.3x6.0              8
DC2070-XL     16.5x10.9x7.0    15.5x9.9x7.0      15.0x9.3x7.0     14.8x9.3x7.0              6
DC2080-XL     16.5x10.9x8.0    15.5x9.9x8.0      15.1x9.3x8.0     14.8x9.2x8.0              6
DC3050-XL     22.4x14.7x5.0    20.9x15.9x5.0    20.3x15.3x5.0   20.1x15.1x5.0            4
DC3060-XL     22.4x14.7x6.0    20.9x15.9x6.0    20.3x15.3x6.0   20.1x15.1x6.0            4
DC3080-XL     22.4x14.7x8.0    20.9x15.9x8.0    20.3x15.3x8.0   20.1x15.1x8.0            4
DC3120-XL     22.4x14.7x12.0  20.9x15.9x12.0    20.3x15.3x12.0   20.1x15.1x12.0      3

Product Code: LB-DC2050-XL  ESD Boxes, Conductive Containers, Black, Inside Diamension: 14.9" x 9.3" x 5.0",  8/case

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Shipping Instructions: The ESD boxes can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge
In addition to ESD boxes we also offer a variety of other material handling productsincluding equipment covers, tote box carriersand carts.