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SureChek Vinyl Covered Fabric, Antimicrobial, (2) Zippers, Blue, 49"x25"x54"H, AR-SCB-30509-492554-Z
Product Code: AR-SCB-30509-492554-Z
List Price: $191.00
Price: $171.83
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Cleanroom Cart Covers -SureChek® Vinyl Covered Fabric -Antimicrobial - (2) Zippers - Blue - 49"x25"x54"H   AR-SCB-30509-492554-Z

SureChek® Cleanroom Cart Covers Features:
• Flame Resistant - resists combustion and will self-extinguish when the source of the flame is removed
• Stain Resistant - most oils, greases, and contaminants may be wiped off with soap, water or mild cleaners
• Static Dissipative - specially formulated with an enduring antistatic property "Anstat®".  It prevents the build-up or retention of electrostatic charges that could interfere with the functioning of sensitive life support equipment.
• Odor Resistant - treated to resist bacterial oders.  Objectionable organic odors are decreased as a result of the active protection against odor-forming bacterial growth on SureChek's surface.
• Antimicrobial - a controlled release system continually sends the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface.  This built-in protection lasts the life of the fabric.  It is not a superficial treatment.
• Coated Vinyl

Material Colors: Light Blue 

Also available with zippers or Velcro®, imprinting, pockets and reinforced corners

Call for custom sizes
Cart covers are made per order and not in stock

Cleanroom Cart Covers - SureChek Antimicrobial Vinyl Covered Fabric, (2) Zippers on One Side (the full height of the cover), Light Blue, (1) Pocket 9"x12"x0.12, Reinforced Corners
AR-SCB   37"x19"x54"H    Fits 36"x18"x54"H
AR-   37"x19"x63"H           36"x18"x63"H
AR-   49"X19"x54"H           48"x18"x54"H
AR-   49"x19"x63"H           48"x18"x63"H
AR-   61"x19"x54"H           60"x18"x54"H
AR-   61"X19"X63"H           60"X18"X63"H

AR-  49"x22"x54"H          48"x21"x54"H
AR-  49"x22"x63"H          48"x21"x63"H
AR-  49"x22"x74"H          48"x21"x74"H
AR-  61"x22"x54"H          60"x21"x54"H
AR-  61"x22"x63"H          60"x21"x63"H
AR-  61"X22"X74"H          60"X21"X74"H

AR- 25"x25"x54"H          24"x24"x54"H
AR- 25"x25"x63"H          24"x24"X63"H
AR- 37"x25"x54"H          36"x24"x54"H
AR- 37"x25"x63"H          36"x24"x63"H
AR- 37"x25"x74"H          36"x24"x74"H
AR- 37"x25"x86"H          36"x24"x86"H
AR- 49"x25"x54"H          48"x24"x54"H
AR- 49"x25"x63"H          48"x24"x63"H
AR- 49"x25"x74"H          48"x24"x74"H
AR- 49"x25"x86"H          48"x24"x86"H
AR- 61"x25"x54"H          60"x24"x54"H
AR- 61"x25"x63"H          60"x24"x63"H
AR- 61"x25"x74"H          60"x24"x74"H
AR- 61"x25"x86"H          60"x24"x86"H
AR- 73"x25"x54"H          72"x24"x54"H
AR- 73"x25"x63"H          72"x24"x63"H
AR- 73"x25"x74"H          72"x24"x74"H
AR- 73"x25"x86"H          72"x24"x86"H