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Vat and Cylinder Brush, 3" 4"or 5" Dia, 16"or 30"L PF-3073
Product Code: PF-3073
List Price: $55.00
Price: $55.00
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Cleanroom Brush - Vat and Cylinder Brush  3", 4" or 5" Dia,  16" or 30"Long

Choose from a wide range of brush diameters and visually coded fibers to prevent cross contamination in food safety environments where hygiene and safety are most critical.  Excellent for cleaning valves, outlets, tank, bottles, pitchers, pots, vats, drains, etc.  Polypropylene fibers that are fused into high impact resistant polymer brush block.   Moderately stiff fibers will not collapse and quickly rinse odor free.  Superb abrasion and chemical resistance.  Polymer handles are permanently locked into place and will not absorb bacteria, liquids or odors.  Available in two lengths; 16" overall and 30" overall.

Cleanroom Brush, Vat and Cylinder       10/case - minimum order may apply
PF-3073-S-B   Blue    3"Dia x 16"Long
PF-3073-S-R   Red         
PF-3073-S-W  White

PF-3073-L-B   Blue    3"Dia x 30" Long
PF-3073-L-R   Red  
PF-3073-L-W  White

PF-3074-S-B   Blue    4"Dia x 16" Long
PF-3074-S-R   Red
PF-3074-S-W  White  

PF-3074-L-B   Blue    4"Dia x 30"Long
PF-3074-L-R   Red
PF-3074-L-W  White

PF-3075-S-B   Blue    5"Dia x 16"Long
PF-3075-S-R   Red
PF-3075-S-W  White

PF-3075-L-B   Blue    5"Dia x 30" Long
PF-3075-L-R   Red
PF-3075-L-W  White