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Scrub Brush - Short Handle 5 Colors PF-3020
Product Code: PF-3020
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Price: $13.00
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Cleanroom Brush - Scrub Brush  Short Handle  5 Colors
The Scrub Brushes are designed to maximize energy and reduce fatigue.  Ergonomic handle is easy-to-grip and prevents scraping of knuckles.  Clean easier, faster and more efficiently.  Poly block and fibers will not absorb bacteria, liquids or odors like nylon and natural fibers.  Unaffected by water, grease, petroleum products, detergents, sanitizers and solvents.
Cleanroom Brush, Short Handle Scrub Brush   10/case 
PF-3020R     Red
PF-3020W   White
PF-3020B     Blue
PF-3020G     Green
PF-3020Y     Yellow

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