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Berkshire ValuClean Plus Wipe BRK-VCLP-0909-20
Product Code: BRK-VCLP-0909-20
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Clean Room Wipe -  Bershire ValuClean® Plus Wipe
50% Rayon/ 50% Polyester Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe

ValuClean® Plus is a hydroentangled rayon/polyester nonwoven wiper recommended for ISO Class 5 and above environments.  The wipe offers exceptional absorbency, durability and cleanliness at an economical price.  Due to its 50% rayon content, ValuClean® Plus has best-in-class absorbency, reducing actual wiper usage in spill removal. 

•  50% Rayon/50% Polyester hydroentangled nonwoven blend
•  No binders or other chemical additives

•  Excellent combination of the synthetic polyester strength and cleanliness with the absorbent characteristics of rayon
•  Smooth with excellent strength and durability
•  High absorbency compared to typical cellulose/polyester nonwoven wipers
•  Low extractable levels and particle counts
•  Chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions
•  Economical

•  Designed for use in ISO Class 5 and higher cleanroom environments
•  General wipe downs
•  Cleaning of lab equipment
•  General wiping in component prep, compounding and wash areas
•  Applying and removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions.
•  Not suitable for autoclaving

Cleanroom Wipes  Berkshire ValuClean® Plus Wipe
BRK-VCLP-0707-45    7"x7"    300 pack- 45 packs/case
BRK-VCLP-0909-20    9"x9"    300 pack- 45 packs/case
BRK-VCLP-1212-20  12"x12"  150 pack- 20 packs/case
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