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Berkshire SatPax 550 Wipe BRK-SPX550-001-24
Product Code: BRK-SPX550-001-24
List Price: $354.27
Price: $347.03
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Clean Room Wipe -  Berkshire SatPax 550 Wipe
ISO Class 5 - 8,   Cleanroom Class 100 - 100,000,  USP

SatPax® 550 wipers are composed of exceptionally clean 100% meltblown polypropylene pre-wetted with a high saturation level of 70% IPA and 30% DI water.  This pre-wetted format provides a cost effective and easy solution versus traditional bulk handling of solvents.

•  100% meltblown polypropylene
•  No chemical binders in base material
•  Pre-wetted with consistent 70% IPA/30% DI Water to a high saturation level of 75%
•  Re-Sealable solvent resistant packaging
•  Wipers in c-folded configuration for single withdrawal

•  Very low extractables and ions
•  Very low particle and fiber counts
•  Excellent wet strength and abrasion resistance
•  Reduces alcohol usage and preparation/ handling costs
•  Reduces VOC emissions
•  Increases cleaning efficiency
•  Increases cleaning protocol consistency

•  Designed for use in ISO Class 5 and higher cleanroom environments and USP applications
•  Designed for use in wet cleaning of critical surfaces where control of flammable solvents and flammable solvent concentrations is required
•  Final cleaning of surfaces or products prior to manufacturing or packaging
•  High saturation level is ideal for removing cleaning and disinfecting residues in regulated environments

Cleanroom Wipes  Berkshire SatPax® 550 Wipe
BRK-SPX550-001-24  70/30 IPA/DI Water  9"x11"  50 sheets/pack-24 packs/cs
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