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Berkshire Pro-Wipe 880 BRK-PW880-1212-12
Product Code: BRK-PW880-1212-12
List Price: $346.39
Price: $339.31
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Clean Room Wipe -  Berkshire Pro-Wipe® 880

Pro-Wipe® 880 is a thermally bonded multi-layer nonwoven wiper recommended for ISO Class 5 and above environments.  The wipe is composed of multiple layers of 100% polypropylene.  This combination of properties provides Pro-Wipe® 880 with exceptional cleanliness, absorbency and chemical resistance to strong solvents including acids

•  100% polypropylene nonwoven
•  Multiple layers of polypropylene thermally bonded in a quilted construction
•  High loft and soft texture
•  No binders or other chemical additives

•  Engineered for compatibility with acid solvents
•  Extremely durable and pure with very low particle and fiber generation
•  Chemically compatible with common cleaning and disinfecting solutions
•  Autoclavable

•  Designed for use in ISO Class 5 and higher cleanroom environments
•  Absorbent low particle and fiber work surface material
•  Ideal for equipment cleaning and spill pick up
•  Designed for removal of etchants, acids, and other chemical spills
•  Excellent for cleaning scratch sensitive surfaces
•  Ideal for tray lining and other lab applications
•  General wiping in component prep, compounding and wash areas
•  Excellent for general wiping and cleaning in biomedical environments
•  Excellent for use in capsule cleaning applications
•  Certified for contact with food per EC Regulation 1935 (2004)

Cleanroom Wipe  Berkshire Pro-Wipe® 880
BRKPW880-1212-12   12"x12"   100 sheets/pack - 12 packs/case
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