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Berkshire Polx 1200 Wipe BRK-P1200-0909B-1
Product Code: BRK-P1200-0909B-1
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Clean Room Wipe -  Berkshire Polx® 1200 Wipe

Cleanroom 100% Polyester Knit Wiper
ISO Class 5-8   Cleanroom Class 100 - 100,000

Polx® 1200 is a knife cut unlaundered cleanroom wiper recommended for ISO Class 5 and above environments composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric.  Polx® 1200 is meant to bridge the gap between more expensive laundered wipers and lower cost less critical nonwovens. 

Key Attributes:
•  100% continuous filament polyester knit
•  Knife cut edge
•  No binders or surfactants

•  Low contamination compared to non-wovens
•  High abrasion resistance
•  Chemically compatible with IPA, Acetone and other solvents
•  Light weight with good sorbency
•  Soft hand and edge for sensitive surfaces

•  Designed for use in ISO Class 5 and higher cleanroom environments
•  Designed for applications requiring better cleanliness than a nonwoven
but not the high level of cleanliness provided by a laundered knit
•  Integrated circuit fabrication areas
•  CD and DVD manufacturing operations
•  Gross cleans in fab and suite construction
•  Equipment wrap and wipe downs
•  Steam autoclavable for aseptic applications
•  Applying and removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions in less critical areas

Cleanroom Wipes  Berkshire Polx 1200
BRK-P1200-0404-18    4"x4"     150 sheets/pack - 18 packs/case
BRK-P1200-0909-8      9"x9"     150 sheets/pack - 8 packs/case
BRK-P1200-0909B-1    9"x9"    1200 sheets/case- 1 bag
BRK-P1200-1212-14   12"x12"    75 sheets/case - 14 packs/case
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