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Clear Vinyl, 8ea 1"x2" Velcro Tabs, Multiple Sizes, 74"High
Product Code: AR-10520-V
List Price: $190.00
Price: $170.89
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Clean Room Cart Covers -Clear Vinyl - 8ea 1"x2" Velcro Tabs - Multiple Sizes -74"High

Clear vinyl cart covers are used on wire shelving carts, food carts, medical carts and storage carts.  Covers keep contents clean, safe from flying insects, conceal contents (opague cover) and discourage unauthorized personnel from tampering with contents.  The covers feature double folded binding which provides a strong finished edge.

Material Selection: crystal clear, clear matte, opague colors and supported vinyl's

Also available with zippers or Velcro®, imprinting, pockets and reinforced corners

Call for custom sizes and different cart cover heights
Cart covers are made per order and not in stock


Clean Room Cart Covers - Clear Vinyl - 8ea 1"x2" Velcro Tabs - Clear Vinyl Pocket - Reinforced Corners
AR-10520-311974-V      31"x19"x74"H    Fits 30"x18"x74"H
AR-10520-371974-V      31"x19"x74"H            36"x18"x74"H
AR-10520-491974-V      49"X19"x74"H           48"x18"x74"H
AR-10520-611974-V      60"x19"x74"H            60"x18"x74"H
AR-10520-731974-V      73"x19"x74"H            72"x18"x74"H

AR-10520-312574-V      31"x25"x74"H           30"x24"x74"H
AR-10520-372574-V      37"x25"x74"H           36"x24"x74"H
AR-10520-492574-V      49"x25"x74"H           48"x24"x74"H
AR-10520-612574-V      61"x25"x74"H           60"x24"x74"H
AR-10520-732574-V      73"x25"x74"H           72"x24"x74"H

AR-10520-313174-V      31"x31"x74"H           30"x30"x74"H
AR-10520-373174-V      37"x31"x74"H           36"x30"x74"H
AR-10520-493174-V      49"x31"x74"H           48"x30"x74"H
AR-10520-613174-V      61"x31"x74"H           60"x30"x74"H
AR-10520-733174-V      73"x31"x74"H           72"x30"x74"H

Shipping Instructions: The Cart covers ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge.