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Precision Clean Nylon, Puncture Resistant, Oxygen Barrier
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Clean Room Bags - Precision Clean Nylon® - Puncture Resistant- Oxygen Barrier 

Fisher Container Precision Clean Nylon® bags are durable puncture resistant, oxygen barrier, and excellent clarity.  The clean room bags are NASA certified and able to hold a vacuum for extended periods.  Nylong bags are manufactured from ultra pure/ ultra clean resins with the highest standards of traceablity and quality.

Being made of exceptionally clear Nylon 6, these bags are well suited for packaging electronics, precision components, medical devices, or other products requiring excellent puncture-resistance and gas barrier properties.  All bags and tubing are cleaned and packaged in a clean room with ISO certified Class 4 work surfaces.

Nylon film is also available in tubing or centerfold with widths ranging from 1-3/4" to 36" and gauges from .0009" to .005"

Precision Clean Nylon® Bags