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Kappler Zytron 300, Broader Holdout, Jacket, Heat Seams, KA-Z3H670-SM/M
Product Code: KA-Z3H670-SM/MD
List Price: $303.67
Price: $253.06
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Chemical Suits - Kappler Zytron 300 - Broader Holdout - Jacket - Heat Seams  KA-Z3H670-SM/MD

Zytron 300 is ideal for demanding applications where there is potential for chemical splash. Increased physical strength and even broader chemical holdout take the protection level up a serious notch. Color is Tan

Technical Data for Zytron 300
Chemical                           Zytron 300
Acetone                                  >480
Acetonitrile                               87
Carbon Disulfide                    >480
Dichloromethane                     70
Diethylamine                         >480
Dimethylformamide              >480
Ethyl Acetate                          >480
n-Hexane                                >480
Methyl Alcohol                          55
Nitrobenzene                         >480
Sodium Hydroxide                 >480
Sulfuric Acid                          >480
Tetrachloroethylene              >480
Tetrahyddrofuran                  >480
Toluene                                 >480

Ammonia Gas                          39
1,3 Butadiene                        >480
Chlorine Gas                         >480
Ethylene Oxide Gas                 81
Hydrogen Chloride Gas        >480
Methyl Chloride Gas             >480

Kappler Zytron 300 Jacket Zipper Front, Double Storm Flap with Hook & Loop Closure, Elastic Wrists, Color: Tan   6/case
KA-Z3H670-XS               Extra Small
KA-Z3H670-SM/MD     Small/Medium
KA-Z3H670-LG/XL          Large/XL
KA-Z3H670-2X/3X             2X/3X
KA-Z3H670-4X                     4X 

NOTE: These tests were performed in accordance with ASTM standards by independent laboratories. This data is derived from tests performed on material samples only, not finished garments.

WARNING: There are uses, environments and chemicals for which these garments and/or fabrics are unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the user to review available data and verify that the garment and/or fabric is appropriate for the intended use and meets all specified government industry standards.

CAUTION: Do not use for fire protection.
Avoid open flame or intense heat
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