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Emulsifying Detergent/Additive Gallon
Product Code: VA-PC-5-1G-02
List Price: $380.00
Price: $351.00
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Process2Clean products have been specifically designed for critical clean in place applications.  In this venue, the appropriate use of clean in place cleaners warrants two concerns.  The first concern relates to the ability of the specific detergent to remove existent product residues that may exist in either open or closed processes manufacturing equipment and vessels.  The second concern is the ability to rinse free the product residue, any contamination that has entered and the clean in place detergent itself to assure that such surfaces are clean prior to the formulation and manufacturing of a new lot of product.  In short, if one introduces contamination, may it be viable or non-viable or residual, then one must assure its removal.  To address the lowering of contamination, Process2Clean products are available in both sterile (filtered at 0.2 microns and aseptically filtered) and non-sterile packaging configurations.  The sterile versions are ultra clean and assure that less contamination is introduced to the system.  Thus, sterilize in place (SIP) systems have less work to do.

Process2Clean products have been engineered to effectively remove a multitude of product residues.  All products are formulated under the highest quality standards in VAI’s GMP manufacturing facility

Available:  Process2Clean 1 - Alkaline Detergent
                  Process2Clean 2 - Phosphoric Acid/Citric Acid Cleaner/Descaler
                  Process2Clean 3 - Phosphate Free Hydroxyacetic Acid Cleaner
                  Process2Clean 4 - High Foam Detergent/Additive
                  Process2Clean 5 - Emulsifying Detergent/Additive
Process2Clean® 5 is a phosphate free, neutral pH detergent that improves the cleaning performance of all VAI cleaners.  This high performance concentrated liquid cleaning agent is specifically designed as an additive that works in conjunction with cleaning agents to reduce foaming and remove soils.  This product is used with both high and low energy clean in place products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, medical device, food and beverage industries.  The wide array of components provides a stabilized formula that is capable of cleaning a multitude of product and non-product contact surfaces.  Together with our other formulations, Process2Clean 5 is one of VAI’s most effective cleaning agents that is capable of removing a wide array of residues.  This product was designed specifically for use in recirculation and high pressure cleaning applications.  The product is extremely effective in removing residues that include a wide array of oils, waxes, grease and petrolatum.
Process2Clean 5 is a low foaming cleaning agent (at all temperatures) and has enhanced cleaning and the ability to rinse free from systems.  The phosphate free agent can be used in both CIP and COP applications.  Use dilutions range from 2% to 5% dependent upon the soil load to be cleaned.  Each product is shipped with a complete lot documentation package for traceability.

Physical Properties:

  • Colorless Clear Liquid
  • Slight Chemical Odor
  • 1.01 Specific Gravity
  • 8.55 pH
  • Complete Solubility
  • Low Foaming
  • Excellent Rinsing
VA-PC-5-1G-02    Process2Clean 5   Emulsifying Detergent/Additive
Sterile   Gallon   Sold by the case   4/case