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Low Profile, Straight Through, 86"Wx54"Lx95"H CAP-701LP-ST-4954-G336
Product Code: CAP-701LP-ST-4954-G336
List Price: $18,708.00
Price: $18,708.00
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Air Showers - Low Profile - Straight Through - 86"W x 54"L x 95"H  CAP-701LP-ST-4954-G336

Cleanroom air showers serve to protect your cleanroom environment from unwanted contamination.  Air showers can greatly enhance your cleanroom's performance by removing surface contamination from clothing and cleanroom garments. Gowning/changing room areas are the interface between a dirty "street clothes" environment and a clean room environment.  Unfortunately, the changing or gowning process itself releases contaminants from street clothes that can settle onto the "clean" garments.  Air showers blow off and remove much of this contamination preventing it from entering the clean space.

It has a knock-down design that allows ease of installation and flexibility in use. The unit can be shipped knocked-down or completely assembled. When shipped knocked-down, all parts will fit through a standard door. All service to the blower, motor and filters is done from inside the air shower.  The unit also offers an optional design that allows all the installation assembly to be done from inside the air shower.

The air shower is constructed of an all metal, painted steel shell with no wood or plastic laminate and is entirely silicone free.  The standard shower has a 16 gage steel shell, heavy duty glass door, and door closer.  The shell and concealed air ducts are finished with a white powder coat paint which provides a strong, durable cleanroom compatible finish.

The air shower produces high pressure air, filters this air through a HEPA/ULPA filter, then flows the air through adjustable nozzles which exit at a high velocity. The air is then recirculated back to the high pressure blower, where it is prefiltered then HEPA/ULPA filtered and ducted back to the adjustable high velocity cleaning nozzles.  The Series 701 provides approximately 1900 CFM total.  With this high air flow volume (power) and the high nozzle velocity (force), the people inside the air shower are cleaned faster and more effectively.  There are 32 adjustable air nozzles in each standard air shower section - 16 per side.  The nozzles are aluminum with a clear anodized finish. They have a 1.2 inch inside diameter, with approximately 7800 LFPM (9000 LFPM peak) nozzle velocity.

A microprocessor controls the starting of the air shower so that the unit will only start when people are going through in one direction. On applications where there is bi-directional travel through the air shower (people using the shower to both enter and exit the cleanroom) the air shower only starts when people are going into the cleanroom, not when they are leaving.
The cleaning time sequence is field adjustable by turning a potentiometer
on the face of the controller. There is one knob for adjusting the cleaning time, 0-180 second and a second know for controlling the purge or "wait time" (the time after the cleaning cycle ends and the door unlock allowing exiting of the air shower).  The wait time is adjustable from 0 10 15 seconds.

The standard unit includes interior fluorescent lighting with interior wall light switch.  The following sequence is part of the standard microprocessor controller program but needs to be turned on when you get the air shower.
The interior fluorescent light of the air shower is normally off, indicating it is okay to enter the air shower.  (It also conserves power)  When either door opens, the internal fluorescent light turns on.  The light will stay on through
the cleaning cycle time and purge/wait time.  At the end of the wait time the interior light will flicker off then back on to indicate it is time to exit the shower.  The light will remain on while people are in the air shower, but turns off when exit door has shut, indicating it is okay to enter the air shower.

DC pulse type point ionization can be mounted in the side walls of the air shower to help reduce static charges.

The Series 701LP has an overall assembled height of 95 inches. The unit has the blower assembly, HEPA filter, and electrical components mounted on the side to permit the lower height. It can be assembled in a space 96" high, making it ideal for retrofits or areas where penetrating the ceiling is undesirable. The unit is shipped disassembled to the point that all parts will fit through a standard doorway. Service access to the blower assembly, filters and electrical components is through two doors on each end of the unit. 

Pictured Air Shower Options:
• Straight Thru
• Low Profile
• Single Door
• External Mount Magnetic Interlocks
• ESD Ionization
• Non Outgassing

CAP-701LP-ST-4954-G336  Air Shower, Low Profile, Straight Through, 86"W x 54"L x 95"H, 16 GA Powder coat painted steel construction
7800 LFPM Nozzle velocity, 32 adjustable nozzles, 1900 CFM, Magnetic interlocks, 5HP motor three phase, interior light, prefilters, 
ships knocked down, power 14 amps @ 208 three phase, (2) 3'0" x 7'0" doors

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